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Modem Helps PC Screen Shots Mac Screen Shots Other Helps, Links
Modem 56k Central Dial Up Networking (win 95/98) DUN Config PPP From Easystreet Telephone Tech Support Database
Kurt's High Speed Modem Page Dial Up Networking 
Windows NT
Free PPP Setup from Easystreet Winfiles: Best Source For Win Help
Links To Modem Sites Win 95 Network Properties MacTCP From Easystreet Glossary Of Internet Terms
Modem Init String List  I.E. 3.xx Setup Screen Shots TCP/IP From Easystreet Fix For Content Advisor (passfix.exe)
Modem Helps Netscape 4.xx Setup Screen Shots Mac 8.0 PPP Link To Tucows
Navas 28.8-56k Modem Page Win 3.1 Dialer Mac 8.0 TCP/IP Internet Weather Report
Everything about modems Outlook 97  from Easystreet Eudora Light Tech Encyclopdia
56k=unreliable Outlook Express From Easystreet Internet Explorer 3 Glossary: Network Terms

Test your connect speed

Outlook Express Free PPP  2.5.2 Fix the Dailup Password Bug
Shiva's Init String Internet Mail Free PPP 2.6.2 Lots of Help (Earthlink)
Bandwidth Test Real Player G2   Internet 101
Error messages Netscape Communicator 4   Learn The Internet
PM3 init strings Internet Explorer 4   Integrityonline help Center
Dial-Up Networking
Internet Explorer 3   Usefulware support
DSL Tuning Guide Pegaus Mail   Netscape unoffical faq
  Eudora Light