Before removing or reinstalling any communications or network components, please MAKE SURE the customer has his Windows '95 disk(s) handy.

Most commonly you will need to check properties for TCP/IP.

The two shown at the left are the minimum components required.  The customer may also have Client for Microsoft Networks and NetBEUI listed.  If "IPX/SPX Compatible Protocol" is listed, it may be removed (unless the customer uses it for a network).

AOL adaptors should be removed before reinstalling communications (from the Add/Remove control panel) as a possible troubleshooting step if the customer has been on AOL.

After reinstalling communications (from the Add/Remove control panel), you will need to come back into the Network control panel (here) and, in this order:

  1. Add TCP/IP (click the Add button).
  2. Remove IPX/SPX compatible protocol.
  3. It is not necessary to remove Client for Microsoft Networks or NetBEUI.