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As most managers know, providing Internet access to employees is like opening Pandora's box: Network bandwidth can be eaten up, productivity can dip, and employers may find themselves sued for sexual harassment because of a hostile workplace. Although Internet access has been a boon to knowledge workers, companies need to have Internet filtering to shield themselves from the potential pitfalls of the Internet. INTEGRITY ONLINE Internet filtering service is a natural fit to a companies Internet usage policy.

Internet Challenges for Companies

Studies indicate that 50% or more of the Internet use within most companies is not related to business. Even with Internet use policies in place, office workers spend a large amount of their Internet time on a variety of non-business Web sites, including pornography as a major culprit.

The damage is:

Decreased productivity. A company of 1,000 employees making $18/hour, where 10% spend hour per day visiting non-business Web sites, loses $202,500 per year in unproductive use of the Internet.

Greater legal liability. Companies providing Internet access to employees who visit and/or download information from sexually explicit or criminal activity sites risk the possibility of legal action. Even if a co-worker simply sees an offensive image on someone else's computer screen, they may have grounds for filing a sexual harassment suit.

Increased Internet access costs. As non-business use of the Internet taxes your company's network, you have to buy additional equipment and telecommunications technology to handle the load.

INTEGRITY ONLINE addresses all of these Internet challenges through Internet filtering, and caching technology that increases the speed and efficiency of your network.