Thank you for choosing IOLFL.com as your Internet Service Provider. We are glad to have you on our team. Our goal is to provide you with the best Internet service possible. This means we will continue to add phone lines and equipment so you can connect at the fastest speeds available. We will also provide you with the technical support you need to get up and running and stay that way.

Filtering Philosophy
One of the unique features of IOLFL.com is that we filter objectionable material. We do that through two different systems. First, we block searches for inappropriate words, and secondly, we block access to inappropriate sites. We believe you will find the filter to be very effective. However, because the Internet is changing and growing so rapidly, it is possible that a site may get through.

This is the reason we are a team. If you should find an objectionable site, please email us the address. We will add it to our filter right away so that all of our customers will be protected.

We have our block criteria available for viewing and printing on-line by clicking here.

Refer Your Friends
Also, we believe you will be so pleased with our service that you will want to tell your friends. We are confident that we can prove to your friends, too, that we have the best Internet service available. In fact, when you refer a friend and they sign on with us, we will give you a credit to your account just to say thanks. Just be sure they either type in your name in the “referred by” space in the billing section when they use the sign on software. If they sign up over the phone with a technician, then they can give your name to the technician.

Thank you again for being on the IOLFL.com team. We hope you enjoy all the resources available to you. We have assembled news, sports, travel, financial, and several other categories of resources for your use. The possibilities are endless.

Our vision is to create a national online service that will make a significant difference in this country. We appreciate your support in these endeavors.